More Reviews and Interviews

  OK - so more reviews and interviews here (plus a few Fiend items that were once mentioned / listed on other folk's Mail Order lists):

  From NEO-zine #18 (2002):

This Expose Your Eyes interview from Dddd Zine # 21:

From NEO BARBARIC zine (not sure which issues):

From The Original Sin # 23:

From Canister May 1998:

From Dead Angel 51+52:

From Headpress (not sure which issue - from 2002 I think):

From Headpress # 20:

From R+EB ? Robot With Electrik Brain ?:

Review by Gavin Lees:

Review by moron (from

From Empty Letter and Neo-zine - 2003:

From Original Sin - 2002:

From Chaotic Order ?:

From Judas Kiss # 6:

Review by Creaig Dunton from False Prophet Campaign - 2000:

Review by Simon Morris of Extreme Music From Women gig - Dddd March 2000:

From Dddd (don't know which issue):

Interview with Paul Harrison from Psyche Out - Spring '99:

From Autoreverse 10:

Review by Ally Fogg in The Big Issue No.387 October/November 2001:

Follow-up letter by me in The Big Issue No.390 November 2001:

Review by Ally Fogg in The Big Issue No.447 January 2003:

Review by Ben Myers in Kerrang (don't know which issue);

Reviews by Luke Ramsden and Maria Pinto-Fernandes in Sandman magazine Issue 118 / April 2006:

From Barbie is a bitch Issue 4:

Sunny Days Out / Canister January 2001:

Sunny Days Out / Canister November 2000:

now - E.Y.E answers Just Glittering questionnaire (from issue #ONE):

From Just Glittering #4:

From NKVD Summer 2002 (New Luddism)/(Dddd):

From Idwal Fisher Presents Gary Simmons Reviews Eleven Fiend Releases (plus emails relating to Smell & Quim show in Belgium):

Gary Simmons review from Gaze Into A Gloom Issue One (2001):

From Gaze Into A Gloom #2 (2002) [some of the Gary Simmons Fiend reviews from Idwal Fisher were also reprinted in this issue of GIAG]:

Interview and reviews from Lockjaw Nine:

From Muckraker #9 (Summer 2000):

Last bits:

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