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    Follow these links to E.Y.E or Fiend related reviews and interviews:

Idwal Fisher review of Micronnitus:
Blastitude reviews Fiend Recordings and interviews Paul Harrison:
Idwal Fisher review of Disintegration:
Review of Disintegration in The Wire (408 - February 2018):

More old interviews / reviews here (starting with a few interviews I did with other people, then moving on to some interviews with me and reviews of E.Y.E. / FIEND stuff). Some of these seem to be appearing with big spaces between them, so if you hit a space just keep scrolling down.

This one with Diz Willis was first on a one-sheet 'zine' I did called Pizzle (which only had 1 or 2 issues from what I remember). Anyhow it was reprinted in Muckraker #9 Summer 2000 and Just Glittering #2 - both shown here:

This interview with Splintered was the first item in the first issue of my Bleeding Eyesore zine (which Richo used to very kindly print for me):

This interview with GG Allin (conducted through the mail while he was in prison, shortly before he died) appeared in Bleeding Eyesore 3:

Interview with factor X appeared in Bleeding Eyesore 4:

Muslimgauze interview (this one conducted by Steve Underwood) appeared in Bleeding Eyesore 5:

This interview with The Legendary Pink Dots appeared in Bleeding Eyesore 1:

Interview with Government Alpha appeared in Canister #13 January 2005:

This Expose Your Eyes interview appeared in Canister #4 December 1999:

Fiend / Expose Your Eyes reviews & E.Y.E interview appeared in Canister #13 January 2005:

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