Monday, 22 May 2017

Boughs Out

    Expose Your Eyes - 'Boughs' will soon be removed from soundcloud, but it is now available on CDR to anyone who wants it - as is 'Mountain' (a 2 track 'single') & 'Strawberry Tree' - see Items For Sale list above for prices.

Friday, 12 May 2017

The Magic Of Slight Changes

    I feel that some of the bandcamp uploads need a bit of tidying up (and even remixing), because they are quite bad quality old recordings with too much high end, uneven volume levels, straggly bits of shit on the ends etc. - or even a few tracks that I never thought really worked right and need more radical alterations - so 'Harrison's Desk' and 'Wasted Burn Out - Fuck You!' will be receiving some tweaks and the original 'Bouhali' tracks will be getting completely replaced by the two more compact remixes. So, all you hordes who really need the originals - download now! 
    A full mix of 'Harrison's Desk' is going up on the soundcloud today - replacing the 'Computer 666' clips, E.Y.E./Wagstaff stuff and 'Evian Suck In Definition' bits.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Soundcloud Change

    A large part of the Soundcloud is set to change soon, so download the stuff that is on there now if you are interested - most of those items won't be coming back.

Dokuro Disintegration

    The new Expose Your Eyes release 'Disintegration' is out now as a limited to 50 cassette on Italian label DOKURO. It is an explosive little package, culled from the earlier digital only bandcamp release 'Tracks of Disintegration'. I also have a few copies available here - see 'Items For Sale' above for price and availability.