Sunday, 31 January 2016

Ebay Update

    OK - I've sorted through this pile of stuff that was left over from when we did Fiend Recordings and got quite a few more items together to try on Ebay - so we will also be trying to list as many of the following CDRs as we can manage:

Mrs Cakehead - President Hoover Pick Up Your Feet (FIEND CD 035)
Mrs Cakehead - On The Deck + Sugar+Shit (FIEND CD 049)
Habitchual Mastabreaker - Dextrus Wave (FIEND CD 027)
Habitchual Mastabreaker - Soul Coma (FIEND CD 054)
Infect - Hard Step (FIEND CD 044)
Infect - Digital (FIEND CD 045)
Bla - Double Entry (FIEND CD 039)
Hemotive Alpha - Mandragore 2 + Neurotronics (FIEND CD 048)
Hemotive Alpha - Hemotronic Neuracle / Retroussement Neuronal (FIEND CD 057)
Andy Jarvis/Wagstaff - If you have a soul and a heart... (FIEND CD 051)
V/A: Under Pressure [featuring Wagstaff, DK720, The OKOK Society, Paperboy, Lode Runner, Acidfuck, Zenopede, Expose Your Eyes/Jliat and The Shite Girls amongst other things] (FIEND CD 021)
V/A: The New Music Now [featuring Simon Josef and Philippa DDDD, Fidel Villeneuve, Spintronics, Straight Outta Mongolia, Tripod Sardine, The Argos Fiasco, Bla, Midwich, Jliat, Horchata/Zenopede, Govt. Alpha, Il Mestruo Delle Puttane, Sun Go Out, Lode Runner, DK720, Paperboy, The Purple Better One, Superfuckers] (FIEND CD 026)
V/A: 2001 Oblivion [featuring Spintronics, DK720, Midwich, Habitchual Mastabreaker, Neil Campbell, Frank Moore/Annie Sprinkle/Kalib, Random Number, Straight Outta Mongolia, Candi Nook, All Cod Mons, Portasound] (FIEND CD 029)
V/A: The Flaw Of Lives [featuring Mumtit Surreal, Plastic Squirrel, Spintronics, Candi Nook, Socteau Cirque, Humperdinck, Paul Harrison, DK720 vs Self Infliction, Hemotive Alpha, SinDex Industries] (FIEND CD 052)
V/A: The Beast 6 [featuring Socteau Cirque, Superfuckers, Habitchual Mastabreaker, Insumision, Candi Nook, Patricia Saucedo, Rats With Wings, Romance - unfortunately the last 2 tracks that originally appeared on this release - by Agnostic and Straight Outta Mongolia - can't be included, as they have degraded so badly on the master disc] (FIEND CD 080)
V/A: Seven Herd [featuring Insumision, Rats With Wings, Hemotive Alpha] (FIEND CD 081)
All Cod Mons - Gills Just Wanna Have Fun (FIEND CD 025)
The Shite Girls - Shite Power! (FIEND CD 023)
Candi Nook - Click Over There (FIEND CD 067)
Candi Nook - Self Hinging Non-Rocking (not Fiend - this came after we'd shut up shop - so just a self-released CDR that actually only went out to a handful of people - discovered a spare cover for it, so burnt a copy to include here...)
Paul Harrison - We Are All Fucking Each Other In Heaven (FIEND CD 031 - with amazing cover art by Mark Reeve)
Paul Harrison - We Might Do! (FIEND CD 093)
Tollbridge Snakepoke - The Gribules Of KC's Brow (FIEND CD 038)
Expose Your Eyes & The Implicit Order - The Manipulated Mind (FIEND CD 011)
Expose Your Eyes & Big City Orchestra - Butchered (FIEND CD 008)
Expose Your Eyes - Collaborates [with Kapotte Muziek, Hyware, Lasse Marhaug, Kazumoto Endo, Nocturnal Emissions] (FIEND SR5)
Expose Your Eyes - Half Sta Plus (FIEND SR8)
Expose Your Eyes - Greatest Hits (FIEND SR9)
Paul Harrison & Frank Moore - Collaboration (FIEND SR11)
PH vs DDN [me & Denis Del Nista from Burning Emptiness label] (BE#13 / FIEND CD 059)

and the following cassettes:

Candi Nook - Queen Of The Swirley-eyed Ant Monkeys (Fiend cassette 0020)
Expose Your Eyes - The Clock Don't Walk (Fiend cassette 0003)
Expose Your Eyes - NYCC (Fiend cassette 0016)
Expose Your Eyes - Unfiltered (Fiend cassette 0018)

So we'll see what we can get listed out of that lot, plus the stuff mentioned in the post below, for 10 days from this Thursday 4th February and whatever we make from this listing we'll give half of it to Calderdale Flood Relief Fund. Anyone wanting to find out what these items sound like will find, at least clips (if not the full things) of most of it on the Eye Fiend bandcamp or YouTube channel or through the extra streaming / download links provided on this website (see all links on the right).

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ebay Gum...

    I've been rooting around in boxes and on shelves and down the back of the sofa and I've unearthed a bunch of items which might be worth trying on Ebay. I'm going to put a selection of these things up there on 4th February for 10 days. Half of any profits I might get from this selection will go to the Flood Relief Fund. The items so far chosen will be:
    Expose Your Eyes & Nocturnal Emissions - Morocco (Ltd. to 100 CDR - Fiend CD 003)
    Expose Your Eyes - Conducive (Ltd. to 100 cassette on Nute Records - Nute014)
    V/A - ...and the vultures miss nothing. (Numbered 235/500 triple LP - Harbinger004 - featuring AMK, Contagious Orgasm, S. Core, Small Cruel Party, Mlehst, Dogliveroil, Expose Your Eyes, Smell & Quim, Evil Moisture, Putrefier, Thirdorgan, Government Alpha, Hailstorm, Deepkiss 720, Onomatopoeia, Richard Ramirez, Skin Crime, Pain Jerk, Macronympha, Taint, Con-Dom and M.S.B.R.).
    I've also got a bag of Fiend Recordings remnants - discs that were burnt, pre-prepared covers that were printed but never used - I'll have a look through it later and see what I can find to add to the list...

Friday, 22 January 2016

Thisco Distro

    Thistribution of some Powerful Red Remixes to Portugal that is. New stuff coming to the Eye Fiend bandcamp soon. Also just added a bunch of links down there on the right to some of the full Fiend Recordings releases that can be heard on YouTube - which includes stuff by Nigel Joseph, Hemotive Alpha, Random Number, Infect, Bla, Habitchual Mastabreaker etc.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What Sounds Will The Great Bacup Cake Make In the Wake Of The Terrible Flood Snake?

    Mrs Cakehead will be playing a Floods Fundraiser at The Golden Lion, Todmorden on Friday 19th February 2016. Here are the event detailsCheck out Tom's Broken Records Live soundcloud.

Breaking News: E.Y.E Hits Top Ten! And The Weather: Soundclouds On The Horizon!

    Rob Hayler kindly put M.D.2015 at number 10 in his Zellaby Awards end-of-year round up at Radio Free Midwich. Thanks Rob!
    A proper rotation plan for the soundcloud (see link on the right) has been mapped out for the next 12 months or so - with the aim of changing most of the uploads every 5 or 6 weeks. All sorts of old odds and ends have been dragged out of the archives. If you want to hear any of this shit then grab it now because it's unlikely that much of this stuff will resurface again.
   Some of the goodies you will have a chance to hear if you keep an eye on it once every month or two are full uploads of Expose Your Eyes & Stonebody: The Expectation Trap, Candi Nook: Queen Of The Swirley-Eyed Ant Monkeys, E.Y.E: Whitney's Fat Cock, E.Y.E: Sleep, E.Y.E: Early Shit, Mine: Scape (my pre-E.Y.E stuff), Dislexia (an 'unfinished' collaboration with factor X), We Are All Fucking Each Other In Heaven (my rave epic!) , By The Space I Get To Wakefield (my collaboration with Neil Campbell) plus choice cuts of Nightsoil (my collaborative project with Mark Wharton), Candi Nook: In The Pink?, Tollbridge Snakepoke, Superfuckers, E.Y.E: Stalks, my collaboration with Stimbox, the E.Y.E sides to split tapes with Ames Sanglantes, Jason Campbell & The D.L. Savings T.X. - plus so much more that I can't mention it all...! A lot of it so shit that I probably shouldn't mention it at all! Horrible as it all is - it's gonna be there anyway! For a don't miss it!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wet And Wasted

    It's still raining. Large parts of the Calder Valley (and many other areas) have been devastated by the Boxing Day floods. Here's some devastation of a different kind - the EXPOSE YOUR EYES free download, 9 track album 'THIRD AGE OF DESIRE' is out now on bleak.
    It is a sort of 'showcase' of some of the more recent stuff I've been doing. The first 4 tracks are taken from 'MD2015', tracks 5,6,8 & 9 are from 'poissant rouge' and 7 is a 'MICRONNITUS' track - to hear these original albums please visit the Eye Fiend bandcamp link on the right.
    The bandcamp received another E.Y.E release too in the last week of 2015: 'Powerful Red Remixes' - these should also be popping up soon on thisco.