Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Wishing You A Fiendish Off-Your-Tits-Mas!

    What better festive gift to you all than to finish all my Fiend Recordings uploads to Bandcamp (apart from one person I'm still waiting to hear the go-ahead from) - and beyond...with some post-Fiend and non-Fiend goodies thrown in there too.
    Can you honestly think of a better way to spend the next week or two than to snuggle up in your onesie, replete with substance overload of your choice, headphones rattling around your ears from the excessive volume with which you are enjoying these gems from the vaults...?
    Also available soon for free download: Expose Your Eyes - Third Age Of Desire promo album on bleak.
    Check some out here.
    Next year...new stuff!