Monday, 31 August 2015

Carry On Camping

    Just up on Bandcamp: Final Mrs Cakehead upload - 'enough woffle to last a lifetime' & the splendid collab. between me & Mr. Burning Emptiness - 'PH vs DDN'.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Cakey Wakey

    So, another fine selection from the Fiend back catalogue has just gone up on Bandcamp:
Mrs Cakehead - President Hoover (Pick Up Your Feet), Mercy Bucket, On The Deck/Sugar+Shit
Superfuckers - Live In Europe
Spintronics - The Light Stuff/The Dark Stuff

    Coming soon: a final Cakehead offering, PH vs DDN, more Superfuckers etc.etc.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Red Eye

    Expose Your Eyes: 'poissant rouge' - new album for free download on Bandcamp or available in an edition of 20 physical CDRs - consists mostly of tweaked & beefed up versions of tracks that went out recently as the 'RED' trilogy to a few friends on a handful of 'CDR singles'. To purchase one of the CDRs please send £7 (includes UK postage - others add £4 extra) by PayPal to:
    Please mark as a gift. If you want it to be sent to a different address to the one you have registered with PayPal please make sure you tell me.
    Whilst these CDRs are available they will be listed on the 'For Sale' page at the top of this blog. When they have gone they will be removed from this list - so please check there for availability.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

New Eye

    The first E.Y.E recordings in over a decade - a 4CDR box set called 'MD2015' are available in a small edition (15 copies) for £12 each (which includes UK postage - others should add £4 extra).
    Some recent E.Y.E noise entitled 'MICRONNITUS' - a limited to 20 cdr in numbered, hand painted card sleeve (the first 5 were in VHS video boxes - they have gone - the remainder are in the card sleeves) is also available for £7 (UK postage included - others please add £4 extra).
    If interested please make payment by PayPal to: 
    Please mark as a gift. If you want the items sending to a different address to the one you have registered with PayPal please make sure you tell me.
    Whilst these CDRs are available you will find them listed on the 'For Sale' page at the top of this blog. When they have gone they will be removed from that list - so please check there for availability.
    Free downloads of these items are available on Bandcamp:

Friday, 21 August 2015

Other Labels

    Some Expose Your Eyes stuff that was originally released on labels other than Fiend has just gone up on Bandcamp:
- My collaboration with Pain Jerk (Harbinger Sound) - given its original intended title "Decomposed" here (for want of any better title) and extended somewhat with the inclusion of the extra E.Y.E material that didn't make it onto the vinyl.
- "Millennium Drug" (psr) - originally released on CDR in a gatefold card case with printed acetate insert and sleeve-notes by Camilla X.
- "Resolution" (Umbababayee Records) - originally a CDR in jewel case with printed clear acetate inserts.
- "Wasted Burn Out - Fuck You!" (Small Orange) - originally a CDR limited to 100 copies. After the demise of Small Orange I re-released it as a Fiend Special Release (FIEND SR10). On Bandcamp I've used the Fiend release 'warped' version of the cover rather than the original cover on the Small Orange release.
    Also gone up there recently by E.Y.E - "Black Hole" - an album of mostly unused, unreleased, unloved old tracks! "Compilation Compilation" - an album of, guess what, tracks that appeared on compilations and, by The OKOK SOCIETY, the wonderful, mysterious "THIRD SIDE LP".

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Old Fiend

    Also more old Fiend stuff coming to the Bandcamp soon - including the THIRD SIDE LP by The OKOK SOCIETY, more Mrs Cakehead and Spintronics stuff & Superfuckers:Live In Europe.

Sound Sparks

    It was making films (and creating my own soundtrack) back in the mid-1980s that ignited the spark for playing around with sound for me and seeing what images can be conjured up just by the noise alone.
    Most of the films can be seen on the YouTube channel - which is split into handy sections relating to my films, films I have made of live performances, Expose Your Eyes in particular, Fiend Recordings in general and 'Project X' (which covers non-E.Y.E sounds I've done - either using my own name or a pseudonym - or as part of another group, like Smell & Quim). There are also some other large sections featuring other YT uploads that I like or find interesting.
    The Soundcloud is intended to contain a 'rotating' (coming and going - changing from time to time) bunch of odds & ends that don't really fit anywhere else. Excerpts from my cassette collaboration with AUDIBLE XXY have just been added & a piece relating to E.Y.E. that was on Radio Lancashire back in 1997 (that I found when I was rummaging through a box of old tapes).
    Coming soon to the Bandcamp are a couple of specially constructed E.Y.E albums featuring tracks that appeared on various compilations over the years and tracks that, largely, didn't appear anywhere (mostly sounds that were intended for but never used in proposed collaborations).

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Beginnings, Middles & Endings

Dear Reader,

    I can't do much better to point out how it really is than to point you in the direction of Joel Biroco's journal - reading down from 'Nothing Is' (February 15, 2013) on this page.
    The one thing I might add, though (right now), just to clarify & calcify & carbonize this for those of stubborn resistance, is that everything and nothing are two sides of the same coin - the idea of everything cannot exist without the idea of nothing and the concept of nothing cannot be without the concept of everything. Everything and nothing are in fact the same thing. And when I say everything I mean every thing. Every thing that ever could possibly exist in this world or dimension or any other world or dimension at any 'point' in 'time' ever. And when I say nothing I mean nothing. No thing. End of.
    But, despite all this, 'life' goes on. Until it doesn't. And so to the matter in hand...

    Some years ago words were being batted about between myself, Mark Reeve and Stream Angel on the idea of setting up a record label specifically to release an obscure audio cassette I had found in a shed-like Sumatran post office-cum-book swap shop over a decade earlier. This tape contains some astounding examples of traditional Batak music.
    For various reasons this plan never came to fruition, but it eventually dawned on me that YouTube was the perfect place for such an item to gain the recognition we all felt it deserved. So in 2014 I continued to overcome my techno-dread (a process I had started shortly before by setting up an Expose Your Eyes soundcloud) and, with the patient help of my loving partner, set up a YT channel (which I wanted to call Fiend, but had to compromise with Eye Fiend). It was, of course (with hindsight), the perfect tag to cover what I'm dealing with: my own music (which is now ongoing with the resurrection of E.Y.E) and a large mixed-bag back catalogue of Fiend Recordings stuff, which demanded painstaking attention and restoration to get fit for purpose due to disc rot having set in to many of my masters (and backups). But, the primary purpose of setting up the channel was to give a home and opportunity of appreciation for said tape. The secondary purpose was to provide a 'cinema' for my old film making efforts (and subsequently, new ones). It was only a tertiary purpose (just a sideline in my mind at the time of setting it up) to give hearing space to some of my old music (and others who had appeared on our old label).
    This has all since developed into a veritable flooding of YouTube with old Fiend stuff, many now with links to an Eye Fiend bandcamp. The Bandcamp is so far progressing well, with a large (and still expanding) selection of Fiend items and some of my own recent sounds coming soon.
    I'll use this blog to try to keep anyone interested in all this informed as much as I can about what is going on, new things on the way, the odd physical item available for purchase and perhaps bits and pieces of archive material etc.etc.